"Envac’s core business helps to create smarter cities, improve quality of life today, and secure a greener planet for future generations"

Envac systems promote
sustainability around the world

Reducing heavy traffic and CO2

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Sustainability Case Stories

Pneumatic waste collection system in Sundbyberg shown to halve lifecycle emissions
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Historic Norwegian city gets modern waste collection system
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Smart city project pioneers sustainable waste collection solution
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Envac and the SDGs

We support all 17 of the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and make a positive contribution to many of them.

The SDGs that are particularly relevant to our business are SDG 8, 9, 11, 12 and 13. Click on the SDG logos to find out more about how each one is relevant to Envac and how we contribute.


Envac strives to protect labour rights and promote safe and secure working environments. Envac systems avoid the need for manual handling and the risk of occupational health and safety risks compared with conventional waste collection systems
an estimated 5,000 workers in the UK waste sector suffered from work-related ill health in 2020 >>


Envac provides reliable, sustainable and resilient waste management infrastructure that supports economic development and human well-being and promotes resource efficiency. Envac systems can be installed in both new and existing developments.
Read the Bergen Case Story to find out how historic cities can be retrofitted with an Envac system >>

SDG 11

Envac helps cities develop cleaner and more efficient waste management solutions that require less heavy traffic, and contribute to better air quality and more livable cities. Envac systems also require less space than conventional waste collection systems, which creates more opportunities for green spaces, public spaces or more development units.
Read the Wembley Park Case Story where a significant area of urban space is being saved >>

SDG 12

Envac promotes the efficient use of natural resources and reduces waste generation by making recycling easier and ultimately contributing toward the circular economy. Envac systems can handle multiple fractions of waste to boost recycling rates
Read the Wembley Park Case Story where we increased recycling fourfold >>

SDG 13

Envac systems reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90% compared with conventional waste collection systems as waste is collected from central collection terminals. Envac systems are also resilient to extreme weather events and their aftermath as piping is situated underground.
Read the GrowSmarter Case Story where vehicle emissions have been significantly reduced >>

Envac's higher purpose

We enable smart, sustainable communities and drive the circular economy by redefining how society thinks of waste – today and for future generations.

About Envac

Our Business Areas


We offer safer, cleaner and more intuitive and sustainable solutions for urban waste collection.


We provide patients and healthcare workers with sanitary and safe waste collection solutions.


We provide efficient waste management solutions in complex airport environments.


We lead the way with next-generation solutions for recycling that promote a more sustainable future and the circular economy.

Envac is an international business owned by Stena Adactum, which is part of the Stena Sphere

The head office of Envac AB is located in Stockholm, Sweden | Envac is divided into 6 regions

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Envac’s core business helps to create smarter cities, improve quality of life today, and secure a greener planet for future generations.

Our approach to sustainability is based on our mission and vision, which help define our sustainability strategy. But importantly, sustainability is not something we do as an add on – it is a natural part of our day-to-day business.

Envac has been making a positive difference in the world for decades, but we have not presented our work in a structured way to our stakeholders – until now. I believe that this report will help our customers and other stakeholders to better appreciate that Envac is a serious sustainability business partner and that we are actively working to improve to become even better.

I am proud of this – our first Sustainability Report – and I am looking forward to increasing the pace of our sustainability work in the coming years. This is just the beginning.

This report focuses on Region North Europe. However, our vision, mission, strategic targets and sustainability topics are valid for all Envac entities. 

So I hope you enjoy reading the report wherever in the world you are.

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